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GRVNES Environmental Protection


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Guangdong Province

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Mother's day | be grateful for more than one day. May love accompany the years
Thanksgiving is more one today. May love always accompany the years. May time slow down and love her more. I wish mothers all over the world a happy holiday, happiness and health!
Labor Day Holiday Notice
Release time:
2022-04-29 17:21
Our company's holiday schedule is as follows: 1. The Labor Day holiday lasts from April 30 (Saturday) to May 3 (Tuesday), a total of 4 days; 2. Work normally on Wednesday, May 4.
Guangdong GRVNES Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. website officially launched
Guangdong GRVNES Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was initiated by experienced domestic engine and generator group practitioners. The team of scientists engaged in catalyst and air pollution control research in Europe and America for more than 20 years and high-tech environmental protection enterprises sharing key technologies with well-known domestic research institutions. GRVNES engine and industrial organic waste gas treatment project is composed of North American, European and Japanese air pollution control vision and rich experience R & D technical team, combined with domestic senior horsepower engine and organic exhaust gas catalysis and system integration application field senior team, from core technology to application scenarios Program customization, product manufacturing, and project implementation all have unique competitive advantages.
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