Promote low-carbon intelligent waste treatment

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To promote the modernization of waste treatment, we should further reduce carbon and intellectualize on the basis of industrialization, specialization and scale.

To promote the modernization of waste treatment, we should further reduce carbon and intellectualize on the basis of industrialization, specialization and scale.
At present, the waste treatment mechanism and capacity can be competent for the basic task of "timely disposal of waste", and are also trying their best to adapt to the development of production, life, social governance, resources, ecology, environmental protection and other activities. However, it is still in a passive state on the whole, especially in terms of resource mismatch, price distortion, lack of facilities and equipment and inefficient financial subsidies. The author believes that waste treatment should take advantage of low-carbon and intelligent east wind, promote green recycling and promote modernization.
First of all, we should solve the problems of resource mismatch and price distortion and rebuild the waste treatment industry. Many unequal relationships among waste treatment enterprises, between waste treatment enterprises and waste generators, between waste material utilization and energy utilization, between government and enterprises, between government and society, between industries and between places all stem from resource mismatch and price distortion. Only by fundamentally straightening out the waste "resource" allocation mechanism, establishing a fair and reasonable waste treatment service price, and taking into account social order, efficiency, fairness and justice, can we eliminate the vicious competition among enterprises, straighten out the supply relationship of waste treatment, form a green waste treatment system, improve the attraction and competitiveness of the waste treatment industry, and form a waste treatment industry.
Secondly, we should abide by innovation, improve the technical level of the industry, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, improve quality and efficiency, and rebuild waste treatment facilities. In the final analysis, the green recycling of waste treatment industry is to arm the waste treatment industry with advanced technology, application scenarios, processes, equipment and products. We should broaden the resource-based uses of waste feed, raw material, fertilizer, base material and fuel, develop processing and transformation technologies, and turn waste into a variety of products or produce raw materials and fuels. We should pay attention to and promote the application of belly transformation technology, and encourage the construction of planting, breeding and processing industrial chains and circular economy industrial parks around the utilization of belly transformation materials. We should develop water-saving, energy-saving, efficiency enhancing and emission reduction technologies for comprehensive utilization of waste, enrich the types of products for comprehensive utilization of waste, and gradually reduce the output of petrochemical based waste. We should break the industry segmentation, classify the garbage according to its nature, promote the coordinated utilization of homogeneous garbage and improve the scale effect of comprehensive utilization of garbage.
Third, we should correct the attitude of the industry, advocate comprehensive treatment and recycle waste treatment methods. The stagnation of waste treatment industry is rooted in the lack of sincere attitude of the industry. We should raise waste treatment to the level of social governance and integrate the development of waste treatment industry into the development of green and low-carbon economy and society. The waste treatment industry must be sincere and ambitious, find out its own shortcomings, and abandon the psychology of opportunism and taking high financial subsidies. Promote waste source reduction and emission control, comprehensive utilization and landfill disposal, vigorously develop the material utilization of carbon reduced biomass waste, pay attention to the material utilization of low-carbon petrochemical based waste and the energy utilization of biomass waste, improve the efficiency of energy utilization of petrochemical based waste, and actively integrate into the green and low-carbon development trend of economy and society.
Finally, we should adhere to governance according to law, promote the joint governance of the government, the market and society, and recreate the fashion of waste governance. Governance is valuable and effective. Those who can exercise autonomy should exercise autonomy. Only when autonomy is not possible can other governance be adopted. Autonomy and other governance should be unified as co governance, with "society" as the starting point to jointly build, manage and share. We should strive to promote the whole society to adhere to the proper treatment of waste, and achieve the goal of reducing and recycling resource protection, the goal of environmental protection and low-carbon environmental protection, and the goal of just and equitable social governance.
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