How to build a unified national market for waste treatment industry

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There are also local protection policies and local market separation in the waste treatment industry. Efforts should be made to build a national unified market from the aspects of promoting cross regi

The national unified market is a large market with unified rules, free exchange, shared risks and consistent external relations. It has two remarkable characteristics of market integration and nationalization of policies. We should strengthen policy coordination among local governments, eliminate local barriers, unify local markets, realize the free domestic flow of commodities, qualifications, capital, technology, data, labor and other production factors, increase the size of the market and enhance the resilience of market supply, Reduce market transaction costs, dominate market pricing, "give full play to the advantages of large-scale domestic market and domestic demand potential, and build a new development pattern of mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles".
The opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on accelerating the construction of a national unified market was announced on April 10. The opinions put forward to speed up the construction of a national unified market from six aspects: strengthening the unification of basic market systems and rules, promoting the high-standard connection of market facilities, creating a unified factor and resource market, promoting the high-level unification of commodity and service market, promoting the fair and unified market supervision, and further standardizing improper market competition and market intervention.
Needless to say, the direction and degree of control of domestic local policies are different, the allocation of resources has an obvious color of local protection, the local market has been separated for a long time, and the market function can not be brought into full play; The local gap, the gap between urban and rural areas, the gap between workers and farmers and the gap between industries are widening. It is imperative to build a unified national market with overall planning and coordination, macro-regulation, free flow, high efficiency and order, promoting innovation and smooth circulation.
There are also local protection policies and local market separation in the waste treatment industry. Efforts should be made to build a national unified market from the aspects of promoting cross regional cooperation, collaborative treatment of cross industry homogeneous waste, opening local markets, developing circular economy and enhancing the hematopoietic function of the waste treatment industry. The following aspects need to be strengthened.
First, open the local waste resource utilization market. Break the traditional concept of "only believing in one's own son" and establish a new trend of asking only "Heroes" but not "where heroes come from" in waste treatment bidding. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the administrative licensing system and investment and financing system of waste treatment, clean up and rectify the construction and operation order of local investment and financing platforms and waste treatment facilities, break the local monopoly of waste treatment, and investigate and deal with the behavior of "horse racing and enclosure" and unfair competition according to law, Clean up and abolish the regulations and practices that hinder equal access and exit according to law, publish the market-oriented index of waste reduction, collection, transportation, resource utilization and landfill disposal, issue guidelines for the selection of waste treatment processes, technologies and equipment, improve the waste treatment pricing system and pricing methods, distinguish between public service services and business service services, and use domestic waste with strong public welfare Focus on medical waste and other hazardous waste, promote the opening of local markets, break down local protection and regional barriers, ensure public welfare and balance public and private interests. At present, we should focus on investigating and dealing with local separatism and unfair competition in the domestic waste incineration treatment market segment.
Second, promote cross regional cooperation in waste treatment and collaborative treatment of homogeneous waste. Break the old concept of "everyone sweeps the snow in front of his door, and don't care about the frost on others' tiles", adjust the policy of "local autonomy" to the policy of "local responsibility and cross regional cooperation", deepen the reform of waste management system, improve waste treatment and treatment technical standards, establish and improve the waste discharge and treatment license trading market, and take into account the volume weight of waste, the land occupation of waste treatment facilities, the proximity of waste treatment and domestic waste with great difficulty in ecological environment protection Construction waste, old household appliances, waste plastics, waste paper, waste textile and other special wastes that are easy to be transported over long distances, focus on promoting cross regional cooperation, cross industry collaborative treatment of homogeneous waste, increase the treatment scale, and improve the treatment efficiency and comprehensive benefits.
Priority should be given to promoting cross regional cooperation in waste treatment and cross industry collaborative treatment of homogeneous waste in the following four regions (regions):
(1) The local land resources are tight and the funds are sufficient, and regions willing to seek other places to provide waste treatment services, such as first tier cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing;
(2) With adjacent regions, convenient transportation, close ties and complementary industries, the trend of urbanization is obvious. For the needs of functional layout, it is necessary to coordinate the areas of waste treatment, such as the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei;
(3) In some areas with a small population, the local waste treatment capacity is small and even can not form the scale effect of centralized waste treatment;
(4) Economically underdeveloped areas need resource support such as waste treatment funds from other places.
Third, develop circular economy. Break the negative situation of waste treatment and waste treatment for waste treatment, innovate the scene of waste resource utilization around the development trend of ecological, low-carbon, comprehensive, market-oriented and socialized waste treatment, establish a circular economy ecological chain and ecosystem of production and domestic + waste treatment, develop circular economy and enhance the hematopoietic function of waste treatment industry. Focus on the development and promotion of biomass substitutes for petrochemical based production and domestic raw materials and fuels, strengthen the material utilization, energy utilization and comprehensive utilization of biomass waste, strengthen the agricultural reuse of crop biomass, improve the status of animal belly transformation and cascade utilization in the comprehensive utilization of biomass waste, strengthen the material utilization of petrochemical based waste, pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of petrochemical based waste and inhibit the energy utilization of petrochemical based waste, Make up for the shortcomings of domestic waste material utilization and kitchen waste resource utilization, upgrade and transform the existing waste energy utilization facilities, and develop flue gas carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage technology.
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