NOx storage catalyst (NSC)

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NSC technology removes NOX from a lean gas stream and converts it to N2.

NOX is adsorbed (lean) and then reduced (rich)  N2.

The NSC can be regenerated thermally or under a rich condition. During lean operation, the NSC can also oxidise carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) in a similar fashion to that of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC).

Composition: Precious metals (Pd, Pt or Rh) with rare earth oxide (REO) and alumina oxide, coated on a flow-through monolith.


Our NOX storage catalysts…

  • Store NOX in low temperatures and lean conditions, and these storage properties can be tuned to suit individual vehicles and specific applications and systems
  • Have high durability against temperature, poisons and rich operation
  • Enable effective storage and reduction of NOX, and efficient removal of CO and HC.
  • Can condition the ratio of NO:NO2 for a downstream SCR device
  • Have superior activity and tuneable temperature windows.

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