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SCR denitration | treatment of NOx in the tail gas of biogas generator set of kitchen waste landfill power plant
Kitchen waste, also known as kitchen waste, contains extremely high moisture and organic matter, which is easy to decay and produce stench. With the implementation and implementation of waste classifi
Black smoke emission and fault analysis of diesel generator set
Under normal operating temperature, the exhaust smoke color of diesel engine is colorless or light gray. Black smoke, blue smoke, grey smoke and white smoke often appear in the exhaust of diesel engin
What are the influencing factors of blue smoke emitted by diesel generator set?
Discussion on the causes of white smoke fault of diesel generator set
In general, the exhaust of diesel engine should be colorless or light gray. If the smoke color is not correct, the engine may have a problem. White smoke comes out during engine operation because the
What are the solutions for the exhaust black smoke of the standby diesel generator set in the data center?
The main solution for the exhaust black smoke of our standby diesel unit is to install an exhaust post-treatment system on the exhaust pipe of the diesel engine.
What is the difference between DPF and COD of diesel generator set tail gas purifier?
Doc, DPF, DCF and a series of diesel engine exhaust purification equipment, which solves the major problem of diesel engine exhaust pollution that has plagued customers for a long time.
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