What is "ringman blackness" in black smoke control? And what are the criteria?

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Ringerman blackness, also known as "smoke blackness", is an index reflecting the blackness (concentration) of boiler smoke and dust.

1、 Definition of ringerman Blackness:
Ringerman blackness, also known as "smoke blackness", is an index reflecting the blackness (concentration) of boiler smoke and dust. Its unit is "level". The smaller the ringerman blackness, the less pollution to the environment. The commonly used detection methods include blackness comparison, telescope lingman blackness meter and digital photoelectric smoke color meter. Ringelmann blackness is a monitoring method with simple method, low cost and can quickly evaluate the concentration of particulate pollutants in flue gas.
The ringermann blackness of flue gas is one of the indexes to control the emission of flue gas pollutants from boiler (kiln). Ringerman blackness is a method to evaluate smoke blackness by visual method. It is divided into six levels: level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Level 5 is the most polluted.
2、 The standards for controlling particulate matter in waste gas from pollution sources are mainly divided into two categories
The first category is a relatively objective quantitative evaluation method. Take the emission concentration as the index, collect a certain amount of particulate matter by isokinetic sampling, and then calculate the actual emission concentration or converted concentration of particulate matter through the parameters such as standard condition sampling volume and the weight gain before and after the oxygen content filter cartridge, so as to determine whether it meets the emission standard.
The second type is smoke. Ringelmann blackness is a method of monitoring according to the visual blackness of smoke. Based on the physical and chemical properties such as particle size, color, smell and light refraction and scattering of particles, the emission concentration of particles can be semi quantitatively judged by instruments or human senses.
Although there is no accurate corresponding relationship between lingman flue gas blackness and particle concentration, this method has low cost and can quickly judge the change trend of particle concentration, which is widely used by environmental monitoring industries at home and abroad. Practice has proved that this method is a good monitoring method for flue gas particles emitted by coal-fired boilers. However, in the specific monitoring process, the visual judgment of the monitoring personnel, the monitoring meteorological conditions, statistical methods, the color of particles and boiler operating conditions will affect the accuracy of lingman flue gas blackness. This paper mainly analyzes and solves the problems found in the monitoring process, in order to reduce the measurement error of lingman flue gas blackness and improve the accuracy of the monitoring method.
3、 Relevant problems of ringerman Blackness:
The state has not yet determined the method of lingman series, and the observation period, reading method and reading frequency are quite random. Its accuracy is affected by the meteorological conditions of monitoring equipment, the color of flue gas itself, the visual judgment of monitoring personnel, working conditions and other relevant factors.