NOx treatment | galvanizing industry SCR denitration technology

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With the rapid development of industry, the problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly prominent, and air pollution has posed a serious threat to human health and ecosystem. As an important metal surface treatment process, the nitrogen oxides (NOx) generated in the production process is one of the main atmospheric pollutants. Therefore, the implementation of denitration treatment has become the top priority of the galvanizing industry.

In the galvanizing process, in order to remove rust on the metal surface and provide a protective layer of corrosion protection, high temperature annealing furnaces are used. In this process, the high temperature gas generated by combustion will have a high concentration of NOx. Nitrogen oxides not only affect climate change, they can lead to the formation of acid rain and photochemical smog, but also cause harm to the human body, resulting in respiratory system damage.

At present, the most widely used highly efficient denitrification method in industrial applications is selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, which reduces NOx into harmless nitrogen (N₂) and water (H₂O) under a certain temperature and catalyst, thereby reducing NOx emissions in the exhaust gas.

In today's economic globalization, in order to protect the environment and public health safety, governments have formulated a series of strict environmental regulations, limiting the content of NOx in industrial emissions, galvanized industry in order to comply with the implementation of laws and regulations, to avoid being punished for excessive emissions, need to take effective denitrification measures to control nitrogen oxide emissions.

GRVNES is committed to becoming an excellent industrial waste gas solution provider, providing customers with advanced environmental protection technologies and solutions, especially in the field of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) denitrification technology has deep accumulation and innovation, for the galvanizing industry, In the field of ultra-low emission of nitrogen oxides, the company realizes the functions of compact structure design, intelligent, precise injection, forecast alarm, data collection management, remote control, online transmission, etc., while achieving ultra-low emission, it can also ensure that the ammonia escape data is less than 3ppm, which has a strong comprehensive competitiveness. Its SCR denitrification technology has been successfully applied to many fields such as power, steel, glass, metallurgy, and non-ferrous metals, greatly reducing the operating costs of post-processing equipment, saving operating costs for customers, providing reliable denitrification solutions, meeting the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, and enhancing the environmental image of enterprises and market competitiveness.