NOx treatment | Does the dissolving furnace need to do NOX treatment?

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As a common industrial equipment, dissolving furnace will produce a large amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the operation process, these pollutants have potential harm to the environment and human health, therefore, the use of effective denitrification technology to treat the dissolving furnace flue gas is particularly critical.

With the improvement of environmental awareness, emission standards are becoming more and more stringent, the denitrification of flue gas in the industrial production process has become the top priority of our environmental protection management, dissolving furnace as a common industrial equipment, in the operation process will produce a large number of nitrogen oxides (NOx), these pollutants have potential harm to the environment and human health, therefore, It is very important to use effective denitrification technology to treat the flue gas of dissolving furnace.

Nitrogen oxides have a great impact on the environment and are one of the main substances that form acid rain and photochemical smog. NOx also causes harm to human health and can cause respiratory diseases. In order to reduce NOx emissions in dissolved furnace flue gas, it is of great significance to protect the environment and public health.

SCR denitration technology. Under the action of the catalyst, ammonia and urea are used as reducing agents to reduce NOx into harmless nitrogen and water, and the denitrification efficiency is relatively high, up to more than 90%, and no secondary pollution is generated. SCR denitrification equipment is an important part of sustainable industrial development, and the use of efficient denitrification technology can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce environmental pollution. It can also help enterprises fulfill their social responsibilities and enhance their corporate image.

Our self-developed SCR denitration system has a full set of denitration equipment and comprehensive solutions to ensure the efficient operation of the denitration system and meet the environmental requirements of various regions. Through the close cooperation of industrial enterprises, GRVNES has successfully implemented a number of denitrification engineering projects, and has accumulated a wealth of engineering experience and technical data in this area.

With the continuous progress of environmental protection technology, dissolving furnace denitrification will be more efficient and economical, and our company will increase investment, encourage the team to carry out technological innovation, strengthen cooperation with efficient and research institutions, and introduce the latest scientific research success.