Green transformation of the plastics industry: waste gas treatment options

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The plastics industry plays an important role in modern society, but the waste gases generated during production pose a threat to the environment and human health. SCR denitrification technology can effectively reduce pollutant emissions, intelligent control system improves operation convenience, reduces risks, and provides efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving flue gas treatment solutions for the plastics industry to help sustainable development.

Plastic industry plays an extremely important role in modern society, plastic products are used in all areas of daily life, including clothing, food, housing and transportation, as well as industry, agriculture, transportation, construction, packaging, electrical and electronic, information network and biomedical and other fields, however, plastic products in the production process will produce a variety of waste gas, which not only causes pollution to the environment, It may also cause harm to human health.

For plastics industry waste gas, the following production processes may produce NOx:

1. In the production process of plastic products, combustion processes may be involved, for example, in the production process, burners or incinerators will be used for heating or some chemical reactions. These combustion processes may produce NOx and therefore may require SCR denitrification technology for treatment.

2, in the ethylene production and other chemical raw material preparation process, cracking furnace is one of the key equipment, this process may also produce nitrogen oxides, but also need SCR denitrification technology to effectively reduce pollutant emissions.

3, if the plastics industry uses coal, oil or gas boilers for energy supply, these boilers may produce NOx during operation, which also requires SCR denitrification technology to control pollutant emissions.

4, the plastics industry may also have waste incineration treatment, these incineration plants are also one of the sources of nitrogen oxides.

The SCR denitrification system we provide can achieve efficient removal of nitrogen oxides, and the denitrification efficiency can reach more than 95%, which helps plastic manufacturers to meet the increasing environmental standards. Our system effectively reduces the problem of ammonia escape by accurately controlling ammonia spray and optimizing the reaction, preventing environmental pollution and corrosion and blockage of downstream equipment. For the fully automated control system, we have built-in intelligent control unit, which can automatically adjust the operating parameters through real-time data, improve the operation convenience, reduce the risk of human operation, and effectively ensure the stability of the system. Through the collection and analysis of cloud data, the whole process of denitrification is controlled in real time, and a large amount of data can be stored. Intelligent algorithms for analysis and prediction of possible problems, but also to meet a variety of flue gas working conditions, suitable for different types of plastic production enterprises. It provides an efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving flue gas treatment solution for the plastics industry, which can help enterprises achieve sustainable development at the same time, but also save operating costs, and make a force for green environmental protection and reduce pollution.