Enabling green manufacturing: Denitrification solutions for stainless steel suspension wire annealing furnaces

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Industrial furnaces are widely used in various industries, and stainless steel suspension cable annealing furnaces are used for stainless steel strip treatment to improve its structure and performance. Nitrogen oxides are produced in the production process, and SCR denitrification technology is required to reduce emissions, meet environmental protection standards, and achieve economically feasible nitrogen oxide emission reduction.

Annealing furnace series of industrial furnaces in casting, metallurgy, automobile, aerospace, military, shipbuilding, light industry, electric power and other industries widely used. They can be used for high chromium, high manganese steel castings, gray cast iron, rolls, bearings, steel balls, wear-resistant lining and other metal workpieces for different annealing processes, but the use of stainless steel suspension cable annealing is quite extensive.

Stainless steel suspension cable annealing furnace is mainly used for the treatment of stainless steel strips, including the continuous annealing process of cold-rolled stainless steel, which plays an important role in the field of metal processing, manufacturing and heat treatment to improve the microstructure and properties of stainless steel. Stainless steel suspension cable annealing furnaces usually have advanced cooling technologies, such as the combination of air cooling and water cooling, and multiple rows of sprinkler heads to achieve effective cooling of the steel strip, ensuring that the strip can achieve the required cooling speed and temperature control in the cooling section process, so as to meet the requirements of the production of high-quality stainless steel products.

Stainless steel suspension annealing furnace in the production process will produce nitrogen oxides (NOx), in the high temperature heating process, the fuel used in the furnace, such as natural gas, gas or fuel in the combustion, nitrogen and oxygen will react to produce nitrogen oxides, nitrogen oxides is a pollutant, whether it is a potential hazard to the environment or human health. Therefore, the stainless steel suspension cable annealing furnace needs denitration treatment in the production process. The selective catalytic reduction SCR denitrification technology is used to effectively control and reduce NOx emissions. Ammonia, liquid ammonia or urea solution is used as a reducing agent to react with NOx in the exhaust gas and convert it into nitrogen and water, thus achieving the purpose of reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, protecting the environment and reducing potential risks to human health.

There are many factors for whether to use SCR denitrification technology. For enterprises and production lines that want to strive to achieve ultra-low emissions and improve environmental performance, SCR denitrification is a technology with high denitrification efficiency, mature and reliable technology, stable operation and easy maintenance, which can effectively achieve ultra-low emissions and meet increasingly stringent environmental standards. By optimizing design and operation management, enterprises can give full play to the advantages of SCR denitrification and achieve economically feasible nitrogen oxide emission reduction.