NOx treatment | Medium thick plate heating furnace flue gas denitrification technology and environmental protection upgrading project

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Medium and thick plate heating furnace is widely used in many industries, and it plays a very important role in modern industrial production. With the development of industrial technology, the application field of medium and thick plate heating furnace is still expanding. Steel plates within a certain thickness range are usually used to manufacture various structural components and products, and are widely used in construction, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, energy, bridge construction, pressure vessel manufacturing and other industries, so the use of medium and thick plate heating furnaces is becoming more and more common.

The main pollutants produced in the production process of the plate heating furnace are nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO₂), particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO) and so on. These pollutants are potentially harmful to the environment and human health.

SCR selective catalytic reduction denitrification technology is an efficient nitrogen oxide removal technology, widely used in thermal power plants, incineration plants and other industrial flue gas denitrification, as well as diesel vehicle exhaust purification. SCR denitrification technology can effectively transform NOx in flue gas into nitrogen and water, reducing environmental pollution.

In some cases, SCR denitrification equipment may be required if the furnace flue gas NOx emission concentration is high, or to meet more stringent environmental standards. For annealing furnace, quenching furnace and other heat treatment furnace, the flue gas oxygen content is relatively high, it is necessary to use SCR denitrification technology to achieve ultra-low emission. In addition, with the increasingly strict environmental regulations, many countries and regions have formulated strict emission standards, requiring that the nitrogen oxide emissions generated in the industrial production process must be controlled within a certain range, so it has prompted enterprises to use SCR denitrification technology to control nitrogen oxide emissions.

In short, the installation of SCR denitrification equipment in the medium and thick plate heating furnace needs to be comprehensively considered according to the environmental protection requirements of the specific region, emission standards and the operation of the heating furnace. The use of SCR denitrification technology is a feasible choice to achieve better environmental protection effects and reduce the generation of pollutants.