Achieve ultra-low emissions: Seamless tube heating furnace SCR denitration system

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The use of seamless pipe production line heating furnace is very wide, it plays a vital role in the production process of steel pipe, for a variety of steel pipe products to provide the necessary heat treatment conditions, its nitrogen oxide emissions need to take SCR denitrification technology for treatment, to ensure that it can meet the production needs, but also effectively reduce pollutant emissions.

It plays a vital role in the steel pipe production process, providing the necessary heat treatment conditions for a variety of steel pipe products to ensure that the quality and performance of the steel pipe meet the strict requirements of different industrial fields, widely used in petroleum, chemical, energy, construction, automobile manufacturing and other industries. The main heat treatment of steel pipe, including heating, insulation and other processes, in order to change the structure and performance of the steel pipe to meet different requirements, seamless steel pipe heat treatment process mainly includes annealing, quenching, tempering, etc., these processes need to be heated furnace.

In the use of seamless pipe production heating process, it is true that nitrogen oxides may be produced, in order to limited control and reduce the production of nitrogen oxides, it is necessary to use some low-nitrogen combustion technology, optimize the combustion process, reduce the generation of nitrogen oxides, and reduce the environmental impact. Whether SCR denitrification equipment is needed in the heating process of the wireless tube production line depends on the specific process flow of the production line and the requirements of environmental emission standards. SCR denitrification technology is a mature flue gas denitrification technology, which uses reducing agents to reduce NOx (nitrogen oxides) in flue gas to non-toxic and pollution-free nitrogen and water under the action of a certain temperature and catalyst. In some cases, the seamless pipe production line heating furnace exhaust gas emissions in the NOx content is high, or local environmental regulations to strictly control NOx, then the use of SCR denitrification equipment is necessary to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

SCR reaction is a complex, multi-component catalytic reduction reaction, the main reactions are as follows:

•NH₃·H₂O→NH₃↑+H₂O (Urea hydrolysis reaction)
•NO+NO₂+2NH₃→2N₂↑+3H₂O (Nitrogen oxide reduction reaction)
4NO+O₂+4NH₃→4N₂↑+6H₂O (Nitric Oxide reduction reaction)
2NO₂+O₂+4NH₃→3N₂↑+6H₂O (Nitrogen dioxide reduction reaction)

In practical applications, the SCR denitrification equipment of the heating furnace of the seamless pipe production line needs to be designed and optimized according to the specific production conditions and environmental requirements to ensure that it can meet the production needs and effectively reduce pollutant emissions.