Denitration equipment | What is a flue gas waste heat boiler?

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In some large heavy industries such as power plants and steel plants, flue gas waste heat boilers are high energy saving environmental protection equipment.

In the production process of heavy industrial boilers, a large amount of high temperature and waste gas will be produced. It is a device for recovering and reusing waste heat of waste gas through waste gas generated by heating furnace, boiler, coke oven, etc. In the production process of heavy industry, the waste flue gas contains a large number of pollutants. Individual pollutants cannot be directly discharged into the atmosphere. It is necessary to conduct environmental protection treatment on the waste flue gas of waste heat boiler tail gas to reduce waste gas pollution.

For SCR treatment, the boiler body does not need to be modified, but the tail gas of the boiler is directly treated, which has no impact on the boiler body. The heat released from the flue gas generated after high-temperature incineration is the flue gas waste heat. The flue gas composition is complex and meets the emission standard, which needs to be subject to desulfurization and denitrification treatment. If the temperature is too high, normal desulfurization and denitrification treatment cannot be carried out, which requires the flue gas waste heat boiler to cool down before treatment. In general, we can recycle the waste heat as hot water, air waste heat, or heat the burning materials to improve combustion efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, or generate electricity.

If the heat of the waste heat boiler is fully utilized, it will have the advantage of energy conservation and emission reduction and reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides. So as to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction.