Denitration equipment | how to achieve energy saving and emission reduction of flue gas emission pollution?

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With the continuous development of social economy and the rise of industrial industry, our awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection has become stronger and stronger. How to reduce emission pollution and achieve sustainable development has become an important issue of environmental governance.

For some flue gas treatment plants, facing increasingly stringent emission requirements, how to achieve sustainable development while also achieving energy saving and consumption reduction is the key.

In general, energy saving means saving electric energy, and emission reduction requires reducing pollution. If it is only the domestic flue gas, the environmental problem is not so serious. However, some industrial exhaust gas pollution, boiler flue gas pollution and air pollution need to be treated according to national regulations. According to the actual situation of each plant, advanced treatment equipment and process flow shall be adopted as much as possible to transform the equipment body or process.


With the development of the global economy, the environmental emission requirements are becoming more and more strict. How to reduce the smoke pollution under the strict control of the state has become a severe test and challenge for every waste gas treatment enterprise.