Boiler denitration | Advantages of biomass boiler

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Biomass boiler is the most widely used boiler. It is energy-saving, environmental friendly, renewable and has high thermal efficiency, and is suitable for multi industry production.

Biomass boiler fuel is a kind of green, environment-friendly and renewable energy, with simple processing technology, lower operating cost than current boiler products, and very convenient operation.

SCR denitration is the most effective technology to deal with flue gas denitration of NO, and the denitration rate can reach more than 95%. For boilers, nitrogen oxides are mainly generated by the oxidation of nitrogen in the air to generate NOx (thermally induced NOx) at high temperatures. The amount generated is a function of the temperature of the flame structure. The higher the temperature is, the greater the oxygen concentration in the combustion zone is, and the greater the NOx production is. SCR treatment does not need to modify the main body, but only directly treats the tail gas, There is no impact on the main body of the boiler. The independent real-time online monitoring and control system can stably achieve below 30mg/m3 through real-time control of the control system according to the real-time online monitoring of NOx concentration and O2 content before and after the tail gas. The boiler can operate stably and up to standard under any load.

By changing the flue sequence, the operation cost is reduced, the waste heat in the final waste heat of the boiler is further utilized, and the purified gas and part of the heat are recycled, which greatly reduces the operation cost of the post-treatment equipment while giving consideration to SCR reaction.