What is the reason for the low nitrogen transformation of the boiler? How to carry out low nitrogen transformation?

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According to the environmental protection requirements issued by the State Council, to achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, and to promote the development of China's green economy, with the implementation of the policy, many regions have successively transformed low nitrogen boilers. How to transform low nitrogen boilers?


At present, boiler emission is becoming more and more strict, and low nitrogen transformation is gradually carried out in many places.


What is a low nitrogen boiler?


The low nitrogen boiler is based on the ordinary boiler, after upgrading, the emission of nitrogen oxides will be reduced.


1. The boiler body does not need to be modified, and only the boiler tail gas is directly treated.


We do not need to reform the boiler body, but directly deal with the boiler tail gas, which has no impact on the boiler theme. An independent online monitoring system monitors the equipment data in real time, and conducts real-time online monitoring according to the NOx concentration and O2 content of the tail gas. Through the real-time control of the control system, the NOx emission is stabilized to less than 30mg, achieving low nitrogen emissions, and even the treatment efficiency is higher than 95%, The boiler can operate stably and up to standard under any load.

By changing the flue sequence, the operation cost is reduced, the waste heat utilization of the boiler is further collected, and the purified heat is recycled, which greatly reduces the operation cost of the post-treatment equipment.

2. Main body transformation of gas fired boiler

If you want to achieve the effect of low nitrogen transformation, further upgrade and optimize the main body of the gas fired boiler, you need to upgrade the furnace capacity, which can meet the natural gas combustion environment, so as to inhibit the production of nitrogen oxides and achieve the purpose of reducing nitrogen oxide emissions. However, for the transformation of the main body of the boiler, the cost is higher.