Can the dry purifier | renewable diesel particulate filter (DPF) be disassembled for washing?

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Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is the abbreviation of Diesel Particulate Filter. It is mainly installed in the exhaust system of diesel vehicles. Its main function is to capture particles through surface and internal power devices. Renewable diesel particulate filter (DPF) can be disassembled and washed.


The generator set has no fuel injection and the purifier is blocked during normal operation:

The regeneration method is water washing. When the internal back pressure of the purifier reaches the limit value, directly loosen the carrier unit buckle after shutdown and cooling, extract the filter element from the box, wash the single carrier with tap water for 30 seconds, and then put it back into the box after drying. No power consumption is required during the cleaning process;

The generator set has fuel injection, and the purifier is blocked due to abnormal operation:

As shown in the following figure, the fuel of the diesel generator set matched with this purifier cannot be fully burned, and the fuel injection is serious. The filter element is blocked by the diesel, engine oil and carbon particles that have not been burned out of the unit, causing serious caking.

In this case, the cleaning method is:

Soak the filter element in warm water with degreasing detergent for three hours, and then clean it with tap water for 30-40 seconds. After drying, put it back into the box, pay attention to the loss of high-temperature resistant graphite gaskets at the front and rear ends of the carrier, and no power consumption is required during the cleaning process;

Note: For similar situations, it is recommended to repair the engine, solve the fuel injection problem of the diesel engine, and ensure the normal operation of the generator set and the purifier.

The specific disassembly video and flushing video of the renewable diesel particulate filter (DPF) can be found for your reference.