Dry type purifier | Precautions for installation of particulate filter

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Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is the abbreviation of Diesel Particulate Filter. It is mainly installed in the exhaust system of diesel vehicles. Its main function is to capture particles through surface and internal power devices. Heavy duty diesel engine exhaust dry purifier is a metal felt filter material made of 316L alloy wire imported from France. According to the characteristics of exhaust gas of internal combustion engine, DPF filter carrier with modular and customized design and professional fluid mechanics design (exhaust gas can pass through the filter element 360 degrees) is adopted. The unit can be easily disassembled, can be flexibly drawn out for washing and regeneration, and is easy to maintain. Folding fan structure, with effective filtering area of 1.3-2.7m2, common tap water washing for 30 seconds, weight of 4.35kg, and utilization rate of metal felt material of 100%. 

Precautions for installation of particulate filter:

1. When the exhaust gas purifier is working, the shell surface temperature can reach 300-400 ℃, so it is required to keep a certain space distance between the purifier and other components, especially the fire protection facilities in the generator room. When the fire detection rod is above 75 degrees, it will alarm, and the sprinkler head will be opened at the same time. Therefore, the exhaust gas purifier installed indoors needs to be insulated outside the shell. When the temperature of the exhaust port reaches 200-300 ℃, it should be far away from the pedestrian walkway to avoid the injury of high temperature gas to human body.

2. During the removal and cleaning of the filter element, be careful not to lose the high-temperature resistant graphite gasket at the back end of the carrier;

The particle trap box is made of stainless steel, which has a long service life and a noise reduction function of 10-15 decibels. Black smoke treatment efficiency is 90% - 98%. A safety bypass is set to automatically open the bypass in case of high back pressure alarm due to blockage to ensure safe use.

3. According to the working characteristics of the purifier, customers must purchase high-quality diesel that meets the latest national standard GB 17930 Diesel Fuel for Vehicles or GB 252 Common Diesel Fuel from regular channels as fuel.