Exhaust gas treatment | Black smoke control of diesel engine in a China Telecom data center in Changsha

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Today in the information age, the vigorous development of the data center provides us with all-round services. It is a specific equipment network for global cooperation, which is used to transfer, accelerate, display, calculate and store data information on the Internet infrastructure. It is a strategic resource as important as human resources and natural resources.

Black smoke control of diesel engine exhaust in data center

The black smoke control of the exhaust gas of the standby diesel generator set is mainly to install the tail gas post-treatment device on the exhaust pipe of the diesel engine. The tail gas post-treatment system is also called the black smoke purifier, tail gas purifier, and smoke and dust processor; We use the most widely is the dry purifier, using 409 or 304 shell; The electric butterfly valve with high temperature resistance of 500 , as well as the bypass pipe and filter element, is applicable to the common power of 50kw~2500KW and various international and domestic brands. For the first black smoke from the cold start of the diesel generator set and the pollutants discharged during operation, PM particles and Lingerman blackness are below Grade I.


In view of the use characteristics of the standby generator, we have adopted a withdrawable unit design, which is convenient for disassembly, cleaning and regeneration. It has a great advantage over the traditional regeneration in the market, such as combustion in high-temperature furnace or high-pressure air blowback. There is no need for high-temperature combustion and regeneration, and ordinary tap water is used for cleaning, which truly realizes zero energy consumption and zero secondary pollution. It is featured by convenient installation, low altitude emission, no occupation of the floor of the machine room, long service life (the same life as the diesel engine), convenient maintenance, etc., and low investment cost through comprehensive calculation.

The following is a picture of a China Telecom Data Center diesel engine black smoke control project in Changsha

Project type: diesel engine black smoke control

Matching model: Carter 1800KW generator set

Purchase quantity: 2 sets