A dry cleaner | guangzhou electrical and mechanical co., LTD., diesel generating sets of exhaust gas treatment project complete success

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With the continuous development of our economic level, our life is inseparable from electricity, the demand for electricity also increases, the huge demand for electricity pulls the development of generator industry. Generators are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology and daily life. However, there are many forms of generators. With the continuous introduction of national environmental protection policies in recent years, the generator industry is also facing great challenges.

Project type: Diesel generator black smoke control

Matching model: Mitsubishi 1800KW*4 sets

Matching model: GRVNES-CYJ-18-L

Grvns-cyj heavy-duty diesel generator set dry purification for the diesel generator set cold start the first black smoke and pollutants emitted during the operation process, PM particulate matter, Ringerman blackness below one level, we adopt the extractable unit design, convenient disassembly, cleaning and regeneration; No high temperature combustion regeneration, ordinary tap water cleaning, no secondary pollution; Convenient installation, low emission, easy maintenance, low input cost, treatment efficiency of more than 95%.