Particulate trap | dry purifier for diesel engine exhaust

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Our particle trap is "a particle trap filter element assembly and particle trap" with independent intellectual property rights. The black smoke purification equipment that can remove black smoke and PM particles from diesel engine exhaust is a metal felt filter material made of 316L alloy metal wire imported from France. According to the characteristics of internal combustion engine exhaust, it adopts modular and customized design and professional hydrodynamic design (exhaust gas can pass through the filter element 360 degrees). Diesel exhaust particulate trap is composed of multiple parallel DPF filter carriers. The particle capture cross-sectional area is large, the initial back pressure is small, and the back pressure rises slowly. The unit can be easily disassembled, and can be flexibly extracted for water washing and regeneration, which makes maintenance convenient and fast.

The particle trap box can be customized according to customer requirements. It is made of stainless steel, with long service life and 10-15db noise reduction function. The black smoke treatment efficiency is 90% - 98%. It is also provided with a safety bypass, which can be automatically opened in case of high back pressure alarm caused by blockage to ensure safe use.

The function of the control cabinet has the pressure detection function: the pressure value can be set according to the actual use. It has the normal electric state, smoke filter state indication, bypass state and alarm lamp.