Dry type purifier | Exhaust black smoke purifier for standby diesel generator set of a bank in Jiangsu

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The standby diesel generator set is widely used. Whether in data centers, banks, nuclear power plants, telecommunications, industrial manufacturing plants, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, highway construction, etc., the standby emergency diesel generator set, namely the standby power supply, is installed to provide power supply guarantee for various fields and avoid huge losses.

Diesel generator sets burn diesel oil through the engine to convert heat energy into mechanical energy, and then generate magnetic field through battery induction to convert it into electrical energy. However, when the diesel generator set is working, the diesel can not be fully burned, or the diesel is overloaded, it will be full of black smoke.

According to the actual situation and purification requirements of the bank, Guangdong Green Valley Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has designed and customized the generator set exhaust gas purifier. Our black smoke purifier is characterized by mature technology, simple process, high purification efficiency, simple operation, strong corrosion resistance, convenient flushing, and excellent performance.

Project type: diesel engine black smoke control

Matching model: Shangchai generator set, 2 metal dry purifiers, 640KW

The tail gas purification equipment of the standby generator unit provides us with power supply guarantee and convenience, but also hopes to ensure our air environment. If necessary, we can find us and make contributions to environmental governance.