Low nitrogen transformation | advantages and characteristics of SCR denitration system of generator set

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Green Valley environmental protection has developed a set of "grvnes" SCR denitration system for the treatment of nitrogen oxides in generator sets after years of intensive research. This system is specially designed to achieve high-efficiency operation under unstable conditions such as exhaust temperature and gas. Important components can withstand common impurities in landfill gas, ensuring long-term stable operation of the system.

Advantages and features of SCR denitration system:

1. Mature and reliable technology, high denitration efficiency and reduced ammonia escape;

2. The denitration system has simple operation, convenient connection, convenient operation, high reliability and high automation;

3. It can meet the requirements of starting and stopping times of different types of units, and will not affect the operation of generators due to the load fluctuations of different generators;

4. Uniform ammonia injection, small resistance, less ammonia consumption and relatively low operating cost

5. The startup, normal operation monitoring and accident handling of the denitration system can be completed through automation or remote control;

6. Strong corrosion resistance and longer service life, suitable for denitration at low, medium and high temperatures

7. Fast reaction