Generator | exhaust gas generator waste heat of exhaust gas recycling

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By recycling the waste heat of gas engine exhaust gas, it can reduce the exhaust heat emission, achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, but also protect the environment, provide heat energy for production and life, and create significant economic benefits.

With the development of economy and the utilization of energy, people's awareness of environmental protection is further deepened. As a clean energy source, natural gas is widely used, and the use of gas engine is greatly increased in all industries. However, the waste gas and heat emitted by gas engine are not effectively utilized, resulting in a huge waste of energy. Domestic energy supply is increasingly tight, improving energy efficiency is more and more attention, waste gas and heat recovery is an inevitable trend to improve the utilization rate.

Using the waste heat of the generator to generate electricity is to use the waste heat of the waste gas to heat the water into high temperature and high pressure steam, promote the work of the gas turbine and drive the generator to generate electricity. There is also the technology of using temperature difference to generate electricity and convert heat energy into electricity. However, the utilization rate of this technology is relatively low, the energy conversion efficiency is low, and the cost of the thermoelectric conversion materials used is relatively high.

Low-temperature waste heat power generation is through recycling steel, cement, petrochemical and other enterprises to continuously discharge the heat contained in low-temperature waste steam and flue gas temperature below 300-400℃ to the atmosphere every day to generate electricity, the enterprise in the production process of heat generated into electricity, which can not only reduce investment costs, but also not large enterprises waste heat recovery and utilization, Energy saving and consumption reduction.