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Treatment of waste gas from biomass biogas power generation

Green Valley environmental protection has developed a set of "grvnes" SCR denitration system for the treatment of nitrogen oxides in biomass biogas power generation after years of painstaking research. After special design, the system can still realize high-efficiency operation under the condition of unstable exhaust temperature and gas quality; Important parts can withstand the common impurities in landfill gas and ensure the long-term stable operation of the system.
Technology Introduction
Technical advantages

Biomass biogas is a clean and environment-friendly renewable energy. Using biomass biogas for power generation and making full use of waste heat resources in the process of power generation is an important way to develop green circular economy and realize sustainable development. Biomass biogas enters the generator set, and the internal combustion engine converts the chemical energy of biomass biogas into mechanical energy, and then converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. In this process, a large amount of waste gas nitrogen oxides will be generated. In order to meet the environmental protection regulations, a set of device capable of treating nitrogen oxides needs to be installed.

1. Mature and reliable technology, high denitration efficiency and reducing ammonia escape
2. Fast reaction speed
3. Uniform ammonia injection, low resistance, low ammonia consumption and relatively low operation cost
4. It can be applied to denitration at low, medium and high temperatures