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Water treatment

Metal filter for petroleum chemical fiber chemical industry

Metal filter for petroleum chemical fiber chemical industry

Metastable microcrystalline anti-scale equipment

The core components of the metastable special metal anti-scaler are made of a special metastable alloy material. This alloy material is made by high-temperature compounding of various metal elements with different electronegativity. By strictly controlling the distribution ratio of various elements and using a special hot working process, columnar crystals with uniform orientation are formed inside the material. The structure is such that the metastable alloy material exhibits a uniquely unique function of releasing free electrons into the fluid medium and causing polarization effects in the fluid medium. When the fluid medium flows through the metastable alloy material at a certain flow rate, the metastable alloy material can release electrons to the fluid, change the electrostatic position of the fluid, make the anion and cation in the fluid difficult to combine to form scale, and at the same time enable the scaled scale It gradually dissolves and falls off to achieve the functions of anti-scaling and descaling.
The composition and structure of the metastable special metal anti-scaling device has significant technical advantages compared with the traditional anti-scaling and descaling methods:
1. Energy saving - the device is non-magnetic, non-electric, does not require additional energy supply, the device itself is not consumed, and the service life is 10 years;
2, safety - only need to be connected in series in the pipeline, working conditions are not affected by pressure, temperature, magnetic field or other factors, easy to install and maintain;
3, environmental protection - no chemical additives, no pollution of the treated fluid, no additional emissions, saving chemical treatment costs;
4, sterilization - inhibit algae growth, prevent the formation of new algae, can kill SRB bacteria, slow down the sludge in the tank;
 5. Soften and remove the existing scale and rust to prevent the formation of corrosion inside the pipe wall;
6. Improve equipment use efficiency, extend equipment life, and reduce equipment and operating costs;
7, suitable for high temperature 5 ° C - 280 ° C, high pressure 0-25 MPa;
8, saving chemical costs and hot oil cleaning costs.
In the industrial process, scales inside equipment and pipelines are inevitable due to metal corrosion, inorganic salt crystallization, organic matter polymerization, solid particle deposition and the like. The generation and accumulation of dirt may cause many problems such as blockage of pipes, increased corrosion of equipment, and reduced heat exchange efficiency.
The danger of scaling:
Boiler system: The thermal conductivity of scale is several times or even hundreds of times smaller than that of metal. When the thickness of scale reaches 8mm, the fuel consumption is above 34%, which affects the heat exchange efficiency, causes energy waste, and is also likely to cause boiler burst.
Circulating water pipeline system: scale will reduce or even block the cross-sectional area of ​​circulating water pipeline, increase the resistance of water flow, increase the burden of pipeline and water pump, reduce the cooling effect of system equipment, and destroy the water flow channel, resulting in a decline in equipment output. index.
Oilfield oil and gas gathering and transportation system: The petroleum fluid has high salinity and hardness, and is rich in paraffin and SRB bacteria. It is easy to cause the equipment and pipeline cross-sectional area to shrink and block, resulting in oil production reduction or even production stoppage. It is also prone to localized corrosion, causing leakage or even explosion.