What are the influencing factors of blue smoke emitted by diesel generator set?

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Under normal circumstances, the blue smoke from the diesel engine is caused by the long-term use of the diesel engine and the slow start of burning engine oil. With more and more engine oil burning and the aggravation of color smoke, it should be considered to repair the diesel engine. Sometimes the water leaks into the combustion chamber or there is water mixed in the fuel, which will cause the change of combustion, and the diesel engine will emit light blue smoke.
The main factors affecting the generation of blue smoke by diesel generator set are as follows:
1. During installation, the chamfering direction of the piston ring is reversed: the engine oil enters the combustion chamber, and the blue water vapor smoke is discharged after the lubricating oil is burned.
2. Too much lubricating oil is added in the oil pan: the clearance between the piston and the cylinder liner is too large, which leads to the lubricating oil in the oil pan easily flowing into the combustion chamber and mixing with the fuel mixture in the cylinder, changing the normal proportion of the mixture, incomplete combustion and blue smoke.
3. Blocked air filter: poor air intake or high oil level in the cylinder will reduce the amount of air entering the cylinder and change the normal proportion of fuel mixture, resulting in more oil and less gas, incomplete combustion of fuel and blue smoke from exhaust.
4. The cylinder gasket near the oil passage from the engine block to the cylinder head is burned: the piston and cylinder liner are worn and the piston ring is matched, resulting in the lubricating oil channeling up the combustion chamber and burning together with the fuel mixture instrument.