Online reverse blowing soot purifier to help the green development of enterprises

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On-line reverse blowing dust purifier is widely used in industrial production for its advantages of high efficiency, stability, advanced, universal and automatic reverse blowing. With increased environmental awareness and improved regulations, its application will be more extensive, contributing to green factories and sustainable development.

With the acceleration of industrial engineering, environmental pollution problems are becoming more and more serious, especially the impact of industrial smoke on air quality, in order to protect the environment and improve air quality, a variety of smoke purification equipment came into being, online reverse blowing smoke purifier as an advanced air purification equipment, is being used by more and more industrial enterprises.

The working principle of the in-line reverse blowing soot purifier is based on the two main processes of filtration and reverse blowing, when the air containing soot enters the purifier, it needs to pass through a pre-filter layer to remove larger particles, and then the air continues to pass through a main filter layer composed of multiple layers of filter materials, which are able to capture tiny particles, thereby purifying the air.

The existing black smoke treatment equipment on the market can not be sustained for a long time, the longest operation of two hours will be shut down to clean ash, and the particulate matter (PM) in the exhaust gas of the mobile phone engine will be shut down for a long time, and the quality of the exhaust gas will reach the Ringelmann black level after treatment.

Product advantages of online reverse blowing dust purifier:
1, stability: After years of improvement and optimization, the functionality of the product has been very stable;
2, advanced: the market needs to run for a long time, to achieve soot recovery technology products;
3, high efficiency: the collection efficiency of particulate matter in the tail gas reaches 95%;
4, versatility: can be applied to any engine conditions.
5, automatic blowback: the intelligent control system can automatically start blowback according to the pollution degree of the boiler material, reducing manual maintenance.

Online reverse blowing smoke purifier is widely used in various industrial production processes, such as metal processing, welding operations, chemical production, building materials manufacturing, etc., these industries will produce a lot of smoke and harmful gases in the production process, the use of online reverse blowing smoke purifier effectively reduce the pollution of the environment, while protecting the health of workers.

With its characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, online reverse blowing smoke purifier has become an essential equipment in modern industrial production. With the enhancement of environmental awareness and the improvement of relevant laws and regulations, the application of online reverse blowing smoke purifier will be more extensive in the future, making important contributions to the construction of green factories and the realization of sustainable development.