The necessity of exhaust gas purification and denitrification treatment of new energy gas generating units

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New energy gas generator sets occupy an important position in the power industry, but their operation may produce nitrogen oxides and other pollutants. SCR denitrification technology can effectively reduce NOx emission and protect the environment. The technology has been successfully applied in a number of projects, is an important means of green power generation, improve energy efficiency, and promote the sustainable development of the energy industry.

With the transformation of the global energy structure and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, more and more attention is paid to the development of new energy, and the new energy gas generator set occupies an important position in the power industry with its clean and efficient characteristics. However, even clean energy sources can produce pollutants during operation, especially nitrogen oxides (NOx). Therefore, denitration treatment of flue gas of new energy gas generating units is particularly important.

Nitrogen oxides are one of the main sources of air pollution, not only lead to acid rain, destroy the ozone layer, but also may cause the greenhouse effect, aggravate global climate change, through denitrification treatment, can effectively reduce the emissions of these pollutants, but also reduce the negative impact on the environment, protect our common home.

New energy gas will produce NOx in the process of high temperature combustion, which is the substance that environmental protection requires to limit emissions. It is necessary to install purification equipment to make gas engine exhaust emissions meet the standards, and SCR selective catalytic reduction technology is adopted. For gas, biogas and landfill gas as exhaust gas purification of gas units, SCR denitrification is a nitrogen oxide waste gas treatment technology widely used at home and abroad. Under the action of a certain temperature and catalyst, it is reduced to nitrogen and water. SCR is usually used in power plants, industrial boilers and other high-emission waste gas treatment. It can reduce NOx emissions from gas units by more than 95%.

Through the gas distributed energy station designed by the technology research and development team, the SCR denitration system has been successfully applied in many domestic and foreign gas unit projects, effectively solving the problem of NOx emission. The flue gas purification and denitration treatment of new energy gas generating units is to achieve green power generation, protect the environment, improve energy efficiency, extend equipment life, and meet the requirements of laws and regulations. In the face of increasingly severe environmental challenges, let us take effective measures to promote the green and sustainable development of the energy industry.