NOx treatment | What is the generator set SCR denitration reaction system?

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Nitrogen oxides emitted by power plants are the focus of environmental protection, and SCR denitrification system can effectively reduce their emissions. The system uses catalyst to convert nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water, which has the advantages of high reaction efficiency, simple structure and low cost, and is of great significance for environmental protection and sustainable development.

With the development of the global economy, the control of pollutants emitted by power plants, as an important energy production unit, has been paid more and more attention. Among the many pollutants, nitrogen oxide (NOx) has become the focus of control because of its potential harm to the environment and human health.

The generator set is the basic equipment of power supply, which is widely used, and plays an indispensable role in the power supply and energy management of modern society. Whether it is firepower, hydropower, nuclear power plants, manufacturing, hospitals, data centers, communication base stations, military defense, transportation, etc., the generator set is needed as a power source or backup power supply to provide us with stable power.

1. Overview of SCR denitration system
SCR denitrification system is an efficient flue gas denitrification technology, which is mainly used to reduce the nitrogen oxides emitted by power plants. SCR denitrification technology converts nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water under the action of catalysts, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

2. SCR denitration reaction process
In ₃, NH₃ or urea (usually a urea solution with a weight higher than 32.5%) was used as a reducing substance to convert NOx into N₂ and H₂ in ₃ under a certain temperature and under the action of the catalyst. The core of the SCR denitrification system is the catalyst, which can accelerate the chemical reaction of the nitrogen oxide before the reducing agent, without itself being consumed during the reaction process.

3. Advantages of SCR denitration system:
SCR denitration system has the advantages of high reaction efficiency, simple equipment structure and relatively low operating cost, and has been widely used in modern power plants.

4. SCR denitration system structure:
The control system is equipped with a total fault alarm lamp and touch screen alarm prompt function, can monitor the core parts running status (urea metering pump, nitrogen oxide sensor), the system collection before and after the catalytic converter exhaust temperature, catalytic converter before and after NOx concentration, catalytic converter before and after O₂ concentration, flue gas flow, urea tank level, calculate the denitrification rate, calculate the outlet NOx emission converted concentration. During operation, the precise control of the amount of ammonia injection and the flow of flue gas ensures that the nitrogen oxide and ammonia are fully in contact with the catalyst surface, so as to achieve an efficient reduction reaction.

SCR denitration system may have various faults during long-term operation. Through regular inspection and maintenance of the system, problems can be found and solved in time to ensure efficient operation of the system.

As an effective environmental protection technology, SCR denitrification reaction system plays an important role in reducing nox emissions in power plants. With the continuous advancement and optimization of technology, SCR denitration system will play a significant role in the future environmental protection field and contribute to the realization of sustainable development.