NOx treatment | comprehensive treatment of exhaust gas of biogas generating units in chemical fertilizer plants

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Guangdong Green Valley Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD., the implementation of a fertilizer plant in Shandong biogas generator exhaust NOx treatment project, the use of independent intellectual property rights of SCR denitrification system, to ensure stable operation, meet the national environmental requirements, to achieve ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions, to improve the level of chemical fertilizer plant environmental protection is of great significance.

With the development of economic globalization, the demand for renewable energy and clean energy is growing day by day. As a large energy consumer, the exhaust gas treatment of the biogas clean energy generator set of the fertilizer plant is particularly important. The biogas generated in the production process of the fertilizer plant is a kind of available clean energy. However, a certain amount of nitrogen oxides will be produced during the operation of the biogas generator set, which is a potential threat to the environment and human health. Green Valley Environmental Protection carries out exhaust NOx treatment project, which is of great significance for improving the environmental protection level and sustainable development of chemical fertilizer plant.

1. Project situation
Project name: Removal of NOx from exhaust gas of biogas generator set of a chemical fertilizer plant in Shandong Province
Project type: Matching generator set NOx treatment system GRVNES80-GETX-24
Matching model: MTU1169KW
Quantity: 7 sets

Based on our company's strong technical strength and rich project implementation experience, the company's products have a strong multi-industry application ability. At present, the company's customers are widely distributed in steel, metallurgy, glass kiln, gas power generation, biomass boiler, cement, distributed energy, gas turbine and other industries, with rich experience in multi-industry projects. Our SCR denitrification system has independent intellectual property rights and a number of invention patents, and has accumulated a lot of experience data in the application field, which can ensure that the project design is reasonable, stable and reliable operation, meet the latest national environmental protection requirements, ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions and ammonia escape requirements of less than 3ppm.

1. Schematic diagram of system chemical reaction.

2. Urea supply system

3. Project site