Near-zero emission case: SCR denitrification of a biogas power generation group in Jiangxi

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he SCR denitration system independently developed by our company has been introduced into a biogas generator set in Jiangxi Province. The company has carried out technical transformation for its generator set to achieve an important measure of reducing pollutant emission and protecting the environment.

Recently, our Jiangxi project a biogas generator SCR denitration system, after rigorous testing and evaluation, successfully passed the acceptance, to achieve near zero emissions!

With the rapid development of social economy, people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of national emission standards, biogas power generation, as one of the forms of clean energy, has become particularly important to improve its environmental performance. The selective catalytic reduction denitrification technology (SCR denitrification) implemented by Guangdong Green Valley Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. in a biogas power generation group in Jiangxi is a typical case of achieving near-zero emissions at present.

1. Project background
An enterprise in Jiangxi operates various engineering construction activities, garbage disposal and other business services. However, its biogas generating units are faced with the problem of exceeding NOx emission in the operation process. In order to meet the national environmental protection requirements and improve the power generation efficiency, our company has introduced the advanced SCR denitration system. The company has carried out technical transformation for its generating units to achieve an important measure of reducing pollutant emission and protecting the environment.

2. Introduction of SCR denitration technology of GRVNES
Our self-developed SCR denitrification system has independent intellectual property rights and a number of invention patents, and has accumulated a lot of experience in the application field, which can ensure the stable operation of the project, meet the latest national environmental protection requirements, ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions and ammonia escape requirements of less than 3ppm.

3. On-site pictures of flue gas denitration project

4. Equipment information:
Process: SCR high temperature denitration
Temperature: 480-508℃
Engine brand: Yanbach 1053KW
Number of units 2
Emission target: NOx from 500mg/Nm³ to 50mg/Nm³

After the SCR system was installed, our technicians carefully adjusted and optimized the operating parameters, including reaction temperature, catalyst activity, reducing agent injection amount, etc., in order to achieve the best denitration effect.

Through the implementation of SCR denitrification technology, the NOx emission of a biogas power generation group in Jiangxi has been significantly reduced, reaching the standard of near-zero emission. At the same time, the power generation efficiency has been improved and the environmental impact has been effectively controlled. In the SCR denitration project implemented by a biogas power generation group in Jiangxi Province, we not only successfully achieved near-zero emission of NOx, but also improved power generation efficiency. This case demonstrates the important role of environmental technology innovation in achieving sustainable development and provides valuable experience and reference for other biogas power generation groups.

In the future, our company will continue to explore and apply more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly denitration technology, and make greater contributions to the wide application of clean energy and environmental protection goals. At the same time, we also look forward to working with more partners to jointly promote the progress of environmental protection technology and green development.