NOx treatment |GRVNES cooperates with Zhuhai enterprises to promote the new process of environmentally friendly denitrification of gas boilers

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GRVNES provides SCR denitrification equipment for an enterprise in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China, to achieve ultra-low emission of nitrogen oxides from gas boilers, efficient and reliable technology, help enterprises to transform green, improve environmental protection level, and provide reference for the industrial field.

As a pioneer in environmental technology, GRVNES is committed to providing innovative exhaust gas solutions to address the problem of nitrogen oxide emissions from gas fired boilers. Driven by the national environmental protection policy, the clean emission of industrial boilers has become an important indicator of sustainable development of enterprises. An enterprise in Zhuhai actively responded to the call of the state and chose to cooperate with our company to introduce advanced gas boiler denitration equipment to achieve ultra-low emission standards and promote the green transformation of enterprises.

With the increasingly strict environmental regulations and the public's desire for clean air, the denitrification treatment of gas boilers has become the focus of attention in the industrial field. With our professional technology and rich experience, we provide efficient and reliable denitrification solutions for gas boiler users.

SCR denitration technology from GRVNES

Our company was founded in 2015, R & D production base is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, the main business is SCR denitration system. Denitration system has a number of invention patents, the system and its supporting engineering services are widely used in various types of main (standby) generator sets, gas turbines, boilers, kilns, heat treatment furnaces, etc., in industrial manufacturing enterprises, power plants, metallurgy, steel, glass, non-ferrous metals, cement and other heat treatment industries have a large number of successful cases and data accumulation. It can provide one-to-one customized design solutions according to complex application scenarios to meet the requirements of environmental protection and ultra-low emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in different scenarios and different regions.

The denitrification equipment of gas boiler provided by our company adopts selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, which reduces NOx to harmless nitrogen and water under the action of catalyst. The technology has the characteristics of high denitrification efficiency, stable operation and easy maintenance.

GRVNES provides gas boiler (SCR) denitrification equipment for a company in Zhuhai:
Project: An enterprise in Zhuhai gas boiler ultra-low nox emission
Process: SCR denitration
Temperature: 180-200℃
Emission index: NOx decreased from 200mg/Nm³ to 30mg/Nm³

Our SCR denitrification in the field of ultra-low emission of nitrogen oxides to achieve compact structure design, intelligent, accurate injection, warning, data collection management, remote control, online transmission and other functions, to achieve ultra-low emissions while ensuring ammonia escape data is less than 3ppm, with a strong comprehensive competitiveness.

The gas boiler denitration equipment provided by our company for Zhuhai enterprises has brought significant environmental and economic benefits. This cooperation not only provides the environmental protection level of our own enterprises, but also provides reference and reference for other enterprises. Our company will continue to devote itself to the research and development and innovation of denitration technology, and contribute its own strength to the green development of more enterprises.