NOx treatment | How to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from gas boiler combustion

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Gas-fired boilers are widely used as high-efficiency thermal energy equipment, but the NOx produced by them is harmful to the environment and human body. NOx emissions can be reduced through low nitrogen combustion technology, gas recirculation and graded combustion. Our SCR denitration technology achieves efficient denitration, meets environmental requirements and promotes sustainable development.

As a kind of high efficiency heat energy conversion equipment, gas boiler is widely used in industrial and civil fields. However, the nitrogen oxides (NOx) produced during combustion pose a threat to the environment and human health.

Nitrogen oxides are important substances in the formation of acid rain and photochemical smog, which affect the environment and human health. As one of the main sources of NOx emission, low-nitrogen transformation of gas-fired boilers is very important to improve air quality.

Strategies to reduce nox emissions:
1, the use of low nitrogen combustion technology, by optimizing the burner design, the use of low nitrogen burner, to achieve a uniform mixture of air and fuel, reduce the combustion temperature, thereby reducing the generation of nitrogen oxides.
2, the flue gas recirculation technology, part of the low-temperature flue gas is reintroduced into the combustion zone, reducing the combustion temperature and oxygen concentration, thereby reducing the production of nitrogen oxides.
3, through the classification of the air in the furnace, to achieve the hierarchical combustion of fuel, effectively reduce the generation of NOx.

Technologies to reduce nox emissions:
SCR denitrification technology can achieve up to 90% nox removal efficiency, which is one of the highest denitrification efficiency technologies at present. The SCR denitrification technology developed by our company, under the action of a certain catalyst, uses ammonia or urea as a reducing agent to reduce NOx to nitrogen and water, achieving efficient denitrification, meeting the latest national environmental protection requirements, ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions and ammonia escape requirements of less than 3ppm.

Our gas boiler low nitrogen transformation case:
Project: Low nitrogen transformation of gas boiler of a COFCO enterprise in Guangdong
Process: SCR denitration
Temperature: 200-240℃
Smoke volume: 5000Nm³/h
Emission index: NOx decreased from 200mg/Nm³ to 30mg/Nm³

The realization of ultra-low emission of nitrogen oxides in the combustion process of gas boilers is an important measure for clean energy utilization and resource protection. Through the adoption of low nitrogen combustion technology, the optimization of combustion process and the application of SCR denitrification technology of our company can achieve NOx emission and promote sustainable development.