Denitration | Denitration of heat transfer oil boiler

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Heat transfer oil boiler is a new type of special boiler, which uses the high temperature characteristics of heat transfer oil to achieve low pressure and high temperature heating, and is widely used in chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical and other fields. If uniform and stable heating is required, the process heating temperature should be controlled between 150 and 380 . Heat transfer oil boilers can be used for heat supply in various production occasions where direct flame heating is not allowed.

The heat transfer oil boiler is divided into oil fired and gas-fired heat transfer oil furnace, biomass heat transfer oil furnace, and coal-fired heat transfer oil furnace. The industrial temperature is 320 , and the thermal efficiency is above 95%. NOx emission shall not exceed 30mg/Nm3.

At present, there are three retrofitting processes for reducing nitrogen oxides in boilers.

1. The natural gas boiler equipped with low nitrogen burner can be replaced as a whole, which means you can buy a new boiler.

2. Replace low nitrogen burner, excluding single flue gas recirculation transformation, mainly including flue gas recirculation technology, staged combustion technology, and full premixed combustion technology.

3.SCR technology for terminal denitration transformation (chemical reduction treatment of tail gas).

The transformation in the furnace during low nitrogen combustion is not necessarily suitable for the transformation of some old boilers, and there are potential safety hazards. The tail gas chemical method is used to transform the tail gas outside the furnace, instead of reforming the boiler body, and there are no potential safety hazards.

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