Denitration | why need low nitrogen gas boiler retrofit?

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At present, our boiler pollution discharge is serious, big pollution. The state encourages inefficient energy boiler enterprises that burn coal or can't wait for fuel oil to participate in the transformation.

In the process of coal burning flue gas, nitrogen oxide (NOx) is one of the main pollutants, which not only destroys the ozone layer, changes the intensity of ultraviolet rays, but also causes climate change and affects the whole ecological environment. Acid rain is an important source of nitrogen oxides, which are also responsible for human diseases.

The transformation of low-nitrogen boiler requires no local transformation of the boiler and only direct treatment of the boiler exhaust without any impact on the boiler itself, which can better adapt to the production needs of consumers. With an independent real-time online monitoring and control system, no matter what kind of load the boiler is under, it can run stably up to the standard. At the same time, according to the real-time online monitoring of NOx concentration and O2 content before and after exhaust gas, through the ECU control system real-time control, stable up to 30mg/Nm3 below, treatment efficiency up to 95%. Both in terms of performance and security also has a high level of assurance.

There are three methods for boiler low nitrogen transformation:

1) By replacing the boiler with a larger diameter. This scheme, the cost is relatively high, the engineering quantity is large.

2) Configure low nitrogen burner. In this scheme, it is not recommended to directly transform the burner.

3) Selective catalytic reduction method. In this scheme, there is no need to transform the boiler body, only the boiler tail gas is directly processed, and there is no impact on the boiler body.

The current trend of the enterprise is the transformation of environmental low-nitrogen gas-fired boilers. At present, the boiler transformation technology has been very mature. Our company has rich experience in boiler denitrification, and also meets the needs of market regulations. The main products are: high temperature dust removal, SCR denitrification system, online monitoring of exhaust gas. Products and supporting engineering services are widely used in all kinds of building matching internal combustion engines, boilers, industrial manufacturing enterprise production lines, power plants, furnaces and other fields. It can provide one-to-one customized services based on various complex application scenarios to meet the environmental protection requirements of different regions.