GRVNES advantage

From product quality, engineering quality, construction progress, and service level to all-round optimization and integration, through improving technical strength, improving product cost performance, systematic process flow, modularization, and customized service docking according to different projects.

The company's business covers exhaust gas purification, acoustic noise reduction, environmental engineering, water treatment, and four major sectors.


Technical advantages

GRVNES brand diesel generator dry cleaner products: the use of international advanced adsorption and catalytic oxidation process, the self-developed diesel generator dry cleaner (DOC + cDPF) products, can completely solve the diesel generator exhaust emissions Contaminants.


Advanced concept

By integrating industry wisdom and integrating the concepts of domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, Green Valley Environmental Protection ensures that the products it develops have high quality and superior performance, and can effectively solve the actual problems of customers.


Quality sync

The equipment produced by GRVNES Environmental Protection is factory-modulated and special products can be customized according to customer needs. All raw materials and parts are positioned using national standardization standards.


Creating Innovation

GRVNES's environmental R&D department simultaneously develops new products based on market changes and development trends, bringing value to customers.